Public Safety

The City of Adrian currently maintains a Police, Fire, and Ambulance department.

The Police Department consists of our Chief of Police, one full and one part time police officer.

The Fire and Ambulance Departments are currently staffed by volunteers.  The Fire Department is headed by the Fire Chief and staffs 27 firemen.  The Ambulance Service is headed by the President of the service and staffs 15 EMT's.


We are proud of our Police, Fire, and Ambulance departments who are highly trained and skilled and set a model for interacting and protecting our community. 

We are always looking for good men and women who have the professional skills required to excel on the Fire department and on the Ambulance Service. If you are one of those people, please contact the department and ask to be put on our notification list for the next opening.

Please visit Adrian's Police, Fire, and Ambulance departments and get to know the men and women who protect our community.