Residential Lots for Sale in Adrian *AVAILABLE NOW*

Suedkamp Addition-Lot Sales:

The City of Adrian is selling single-family residential lots within its Suedkamp Addition.  These lots are located on the southeasterly portion of Adrian. 

A sale for any of the Suedkamp Addition lots will proceed with the City's receipt of a down payment (10%) and a completed Sale Disclosure Sheet.  Hardcopies of the Sale Disclosure Sheets are available Adrian City Hall, 209 Maine Avenue, Suite 106, Adrian, MN 56110.

The lots will be offered for sale with no assessments. That means that all of the initial infrastructure expenses are infused into each lot's sale price: water main, sanitary sewer main, electrical infrastructure, street lights, storm sewer, curb/gutter, and paved streets.  Individual lot details are available within the Sale Disclosure Sheets.

Future assessments may be required for the replacement of this infrastructure; as needed.  Assessments may be required for sidewalks; if deemed necessary by the City Council.  The City's permit and utility fees will apply to construction projects on these lots.  The Public Utility Commission's (PUC) procedures and polices also apply. 

The five-year "Nobles Home Initiative" tax abatement is applicable to all Suedkamp Addition lots.  Taxes will apply to the land.  However, the property taxes attributed to the dwelling are rebated back to the owner.    

The City reserves the right to refuse any and all offers for these lots.  All sales are final.  The City will select sale procedures in a fair manner to serve their interests.  

Please contact Adrian City Hall at 507-483-2849 for more information.


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